Wenn aus Angst

short film


directed by      Nils Keller


starring            Sina Wilke

                           Simon Reimold


produced by   Nils Keller

                           University of Television

                           and Film Munich (HFF)


producer         Andreas Günther


shot on            CANON C300, 1,78:1


running time  25'

Fremde Nähe

short film


directed by      Anne M. Hilliges


starring            Jane Weinfurtner

                           Caridad Louise Sanchez

                           Lukas Hupfeld


produced by   University of Television

                           and Film Munich (HFF)


producers        Laura Ueberall

                           Veronika Faistbauer


shot on             ARRI ALEXA, 2.39:1


underwater camera equipment

Hydroflex housing for ALEXA


running time  20'

Kino der Kunst

festival trailer and advertisement campaign


directed by      Susanne Steinmaßl


starring            Polly Lapkovskaja

                           Sophia Lindner

                           Mduduzi Khumalo

                           Benedikt Brachtel

                           et al.


produced by   Gamut Film GBR

                           commissioned by

                           Eikon Süd GmbH


shot on            35mm film, 4:3

                           open gate


running time  1' 19''